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Working With Scripts in R: (R Tutorial 1.9)

In this video you will learn how to work with scripts in R and how to submit commands to R console from the RStudio's Source(Script) Editor. You will also learn very handy keyboard short-cuts, and the use of the tab key.

Here, we will explain what a script is in R and why we use them. We will show you two different ways of writing scripts in R: using copy/paste, which is not a very efficient way, and using "RStudio's Source Editor", the better way of writing scripts. In this video tutorial you will learn to create a new R script in RStudio's Source Editor using menu options, open existing scripts in RStudio's Source Editor, submit a line of code into R Console without copy and paste, use keyboard shortcuts to submit a line of code, fix a typo in the script of codes, use the "tab" key (on keyboard) to help with the name of a command and many more functionalities of RStudio Source(Script) Editor.

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