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Series 5 of R tutorial videos show you how to fit a linear regression model in R and how to interpret model output from R.

These tutorials also cover how to assess the model fit, compare competing models (model selection), and other commonly discussed topics in linear regression modelling.


 Videos in Series 5 R Tutorial:


Linear Regression in R (R Tutorial 5.1)Checking Linear Regression Assumptions in R (R Tutorial 5.2)Multiple Linear Regression in R (R Tutorial 5.3) Changing a Numeric Variable to Categorical Variable in R (R Tutorial 5.4)Dummy Variable or Indicator Variable in R (R Tutorial 5.5) Change Reference/Baseline Category for a Categorical Variable in Regression Model in R (R Tutorial 5.6)

Categorical Variables or Factors in Linear Regression in R (R Tutorial 5.7)Categorical Variables in Linear Regression in R, Example #2 (R Tutorial 5.8) Interaction in Linear Regression in R (R Tutorial 5.9)Interpreting Interaction in Linear Regression (Tutorial 5.10)